Walk in the Landes forest

To discover the beauty of the landscapes in Les Landes, the walk in the forest is the activity ideal. As a family or on a sporty hike, there are several trails through the Landes woods to admire the flora and fauna specific to these places. To find the best paths to take, here is a list of the most beautiful paths in Les Landes.

Walk the Sanguinet trail

The Landes has always been popular for its magnificent forests and woodlands. For nature lovers, it is then time to put on sneakers and prepare a water bottle to go for a walk and hike. There are several trails specially dedicated to hiking, including the Sanguinet which is one of the easiest.

To follow the Sanguinet trail is to enjoy an hour and a half of walking and diversified landscapes. A pine forest surrounds the road, with their invigorating scent and the shade they provide hikers. Walking and easy because the path remains flat until the arrival at the wild lake of Sanguinet.

Always surrounded by tall trees, we rest near the shimmering water or we take the opportunity to dive into the depths of the lake.

The gallery forest around the lagoons of Nabias

Among the most original forests of the Landes, the gallery forest located near the lagoons of Nabias is the one that really stands out. Surrounding the current, the trees that form this forest bend to form a roof hiding the sky. It was named gallery forest because it connects two spots of water, to be crossed by canoe. This effect gives a magical atmosphere to the place, especially if you sail in the shadow of these giants.

To visit these places, there is a 4.5 km walk, the difficulty of which is very easy and accessible to all ages. This is why this walk is ideal for a family outing. All around, the trees stand continuously, making the place a real ecological refuge with clean air.

For fishing enthusiasts, the Nabias lagoon is a place where this activity is authorized.

The Grande Barthe circuit in Saubusse

With its 9 km walk, the Grande Barthe hiking circuit is more like a walk in the forest than a fitness walk or hike. Indeed, walking can be done easily because the paths remain straight and flat. Along the way, we find the typical barthes of the Landes and whose name the circuit bears.

These marshy meadows provide an extraordinary landscape, in addition to being surrounded by large leafy trees. While strolling in these places, one feels transported in a green universe and filled with the wonders of nature.

This wetland is ideal for letting rare plants grow, such as carnivorous plants and marsh hibiscus. Without forgetting the wild fauna appearing from time to time, to the delight of walkers. Horses and ponies or even herons, these large animals roam freely in this part of Sabusse. In these places, you can also vary the walk with a canoe trip and enjoy the cool waters.